Saturday, May 30, 2009

Britain's Got Talent and a Soft Spot for Greek-Irish Dancing

By now we know that an amazing dance group received this season's crown as the top act of Britain's Got Talent, beating out now-famous Scotswoman Susan Boyle, but you may have missed the Greek-Cypriot dance duo that had all judges grinning from ear to ear and frankly in stitches for the entire performance.

Father and son Demetris and Lagi squared off during a spoof of Michael Flatley's famous Irish dance in a shirtless and comical performance that was part jig and part Pentozali, that had the audience on the feet, judges clapping and Simon smiling for what seemed like an eternity by the show's standards.

The two received a resounding "yes," one nai (Greek for yes) and Simon's acknowledgement that it was one of his "favorite ever dance acts." And they walked off into the sunset to the tune of Zorba the Greek.

I LOVED IT! I'm still smiling.

Due to show copyrights, I'm unable to embed the actual video, but click here - you won't be disappointed!
Read about Demetri and Lagi Demetriou in the UK's Daily Mail.

Special thanks to my sister-in-law for sending this my way!

The Greek & Irish combo is particularly fun in our family!


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