Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NY Singers Join Voices for Greece

NYC's most beloved Greek singers join voices to support GREEK AID!

Thursday, November 1st
20-30 Steinway Street (next to Central)

Come eat, sing and dance to raise money for those who need our support to rebuild lives in Greece.

$20 donation goes directly to GREEK AID, Inc.

Want to be EXTRA Greek? Trade in some green for colorful carnation trays that you can purchase to shower your fave singers... again, proceeds go to the organization.
Parties of six or more are encouraged to make reservations at 718-726-7900.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

OVELIA Restaurant Hosts GREEK AID Dinner

OVELIA is graciously hosting a GREEK AID dinner this Thursday evening to benefit the organization raising money for the fire victims in Greece. The restaurant is also donating to the organization for every person attending the dinner so please make sure to have an appetite for Greek food this Thursday.

You get a delish meal.
GREEK AID gets money from OVELIA.
Money goes to important cause.


OVELIA is located in Astoria, NY on the corner of 30th Avenue and 34th Street.

New Acropolis Museum Speaks Loudest in Effort to Bring Elgin Marbles Home

This past Sunday, the New Acropolis museum opened its doors and seems to have melted some ice in the effort to bring the "Elgin" marbles closer to their right place near the Parthenon. The event was marked with a momentous transfer of nearly 4,500 artifacts into the new museum, which was designed to bridge the artifacts on display to their original location.

Naturally, the most notable transfer was the remaining components of the frieze, 60 percent of which remain in the British Museum. Poignantly, it is hard to determine whether the new space's most moving attribute is the space still awaiting the return of the marbles or the design which allows visitors to bask in the same sunlight and see the same surroundings as others standing only 800 feet away at the Parthenon itself.

For me, the resoundingly positive public opinion that is now supporting the Greek efforts is the biggest accomplishment. Contrary to simplistic demands and statements of years past, many, including British media, now contribute clever diplomacy and sheer demonstration of capability as the variables that prove that the marbles belong in Greece.

Well done fellow Greeks!
Once again, we prove that our actions have the potential to silence critics. Let's take this learning to heart.


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