Thursday, April 03, 2008

Greek Man Key Whistleblower to Keep Skies Safe

While none of us appreciate the delays or hassle that comes with air travel recently, I am pretty sure we all appreciate efforts put in place to keep us safe.

Now it appears that the regulatory bodies in charge of ensuring air travel safety (FAA) in the United States have been turning a blind eye to airline problems that can put passengers at risk.

Thanks to a group of brave whistle blowers this story is now being addressed in media and in front of Congress. Special efxaristo to Charalmbos "Bobby" Boutris, one of the key voices that brought this topic to the forefront with Southwest's infractions earlier this year.

Although this job and his life are probably far from pleasant right now, Boutris stance against big industry on behalf of the flying public are something we should all be proud of. Bravo Bobby!


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