Thursday, April 06, 2006

Welcome and Kalos Orisate

Being Greek and coming from a Greek family is one of the strongest and most distinct experiences for millions of people - some in Greece, but many in some of the furthest corners of the world.

Ask anybody who is or knows somebody Greek, and I am certain that you will hear about many key characteristics - a strong will, a fierce sense of loyalty to country, family and friends, a thirst for knowledge and celebration. It is in honor of these traits that I am excited to bring you this seat under the olive tree.

As you might know, the very capital of Greece got its name thanks in part to the olive tree. In a "grudge match" against Poseidon, it was Athena who won the affection of the Greek people by gifting them the olive tree - a resource that was deemed more versatile and instrumental for the longevity of the Greeks by the wisest of judges. In return for the tree's shade, oil and fruit, the people honored the goddess by naming the city after her.

As you will see in time, my hope is that you will join me in sitting under this very tree when you have the chance - to take in the view and sounds, enjoy some wine and tasty eats, celebrate our rich history and ponder the opportunities of the future.

A celebration of our food, drink, history, philosophy and the arts... in other words, a one-stop-shop for anything GREEK!

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