Sunday, June 25, 2006

Celebration of Contemporary Greek Artists

The concept of contemporary Greek music is a baffling topic for generations of Greeks, as well as those who keep in touch and learn about Greek music through brief snapshots - either vacations, radio programs or television shows. At the heart of this discussion, you'll often find the stereotype that modern Greek music fails to capture the spirit and experience that it once emoted years ago.

Earlier this month, a benefit concert presented by COSMOS-FM (produced by Polys Kiriakou) shattered that stereotype by bringing together a diverse group of talented performers under the musical direction of Panos Chrysovergis.

Despite the rainy weather, the auditorium was filled with the warm and inviting sounds of Greek music at its best - a fact that was noticed by a Sony executive in the audience who captured the evening's success by noting that one would never know whether this concert was taking place in New York or in Athens.

While the well-known performers of the local Greek stage captured the audience's hearts and imaginations as expected, the evening's young artists stole the show performing truly contemporary music by some of Greece's most inspired new composers.
Showcasing a variety of ranges, styles and backgrounds, Alexis Chrysovergis, Myrto Meletiou and Rena Tsapelas proved that contemporary Greek music (and artists) can be just as captivating and moving as the sounds that inspired previous generations.

Kudos to all the performers, producers and COSMOS-FM!

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