Thursday, April 05, 2007

Yet Another YouTube Stand-off

For the second time in as many months, YouTube is engaged in a standoff against yet another country thanks to offensive videos posted about the country's leadership. This time, Thailand has blocked YouTube because the site refused to remove a video depicting their beloved king's (or more specifically stand-in female) feet over his head - a major Buddhist taboo. As you may know this follows a similar stand off the popular website had with Turkey and it's similarly military-backed government in March.

If history is a lesson, YouTube will:

- Refuse to remove the clip initially, then
- Be blocked by the country in question, then
- Bend to their whim by removing the clip ...

... so that the respective population with limited freedoms of speech can access trite videos once again.

If the similar scenario does not play out, I will have to wonder why the site is taking such different approaches for a similar incursion as opposed to following a set "policy". That, my friends, will be a much longer discussion.

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