Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Greek Fire Relief - If You Want to Give DIRECTLY to Those in Need

Understandably, after the mishandling of rescue efforts and recent history's disappointment at how relief agencies distribute funds, many of you might be weary to give without being able to know for certain who your help aided.

Since your good will should not be dampened by red-tape, I have an idea...

If you know somebody that has been directly affected, please e-mail with the affected person(s) name, village, degree of loss and immediate needs.

If you are looking to donate money or items directly to those affected, also e-mail with your name, location, donation in mind.

We will then match the needs with the donations and help create a closer link.

Please refer friends and family members with similar concerns to do the same so we can make sure all of our support gets to those in need in whichever way is possible.

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