Monday, September 24, 2007

GREEK AID 07 Kicks Off with Great Success

With a crowd well over 200, yesterday's inaugural GREEK AID event was a tremendous success.

Thanks to the efforts of many – organizers, community allies and attendees - we were able to reach many in our effort to support those affected by the devastating fires in Greece. This success will be our foundation for the great efforts to come to raise awareness and funds to support Greeks in need.

The entire GREEK AID organization is thrilled at the turn out and at how warmly it was embraced. In fact, a number of GREEK AID events will be unveiled in the coming weeks to continue the momentum thanks to our gracious partners.

Again, a great many thanks to everybody that contributed to the success!

Below is a glimpse of the energy of GREEK AID.

We hope that you will join us, either in person or in spirit, as this energy spreads for this good cause.

1 comment:

Pkatsaros said...

It was Nice and Everyone helped to make is a success!


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