Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Science Behind Athenian Siren

We all know that Greeks age well, but one undying symbol of Hellenic pride has not only managed to grow old gracefully, but also continues to prompt jealous rages between her admirers. Many Greek beauties may come to mind, but I speak of the lady of Athens, the Parthenon.

With her controversial Elgin marbles and new museum, she is a beautiful Greek siren that is enticing from both a cultural and scientific point of view. Today's
NY Times featured a PBS documentary that unveiled the level of detail and intricacy involved in erecting the marvel.

For instance, much like other beautiful Greek ladies, the Parthenon...

... is curvy! Despite the famous vertical columns, there’s virtually no straight line to be found.

... is tough to piece together and every part of her is unique! The blocks of marble are not interchangable. Since the lines are not technically straight, every piece is a unique part of jigsaw puzzle.

... is irresistable! And definately a wonder in our books.

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