Saturday, August 23, 2008

What an Obama/Biden Ticket Might Mean for Greece and Greek-Americans

At 3 a.m. this morning I received a text message from Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama announcing that he'd chosen Delaware Congressman Joe Biden as his running mate. While all were sleeping under the olive tree when the news hit, I've spent the last few hours mulling it over to fully form an opinion on how this choice may affect a Greek vote for Obama.

So with some research under my belt and understanding of a few of the players' stance on matters up until now, I am actually supportive of the selection, which was not my first reaction rest assured.

While a pessimist might say that politicians should not be trusted for their words (and I would probably agree), I think that actions are a more appropriate litmus to show where preferences and inclinations exist. That's why, while initially agreeable, I am not casting a vote right now, since I'd prefer to really dig deep and understand how all electable parties have voted during the course of their political careers on matters important to me under this Greek olive tree, including FYROM, Cyprus, Aegean drilling rights and the treatment of the Patriarch in Constantinople.

I hope that as Greek-Americans we've learned not to be brand loyal to any party without a more important understanding of how each candidate and party have historically stood by us or preferred to stand for more mainstream ideals.

This video shows an interestingly range of passion and vocabulary used to sway the "Greek vote" earlier in the process, when Biden and Clinton were still in contention for the presidential nod. Interestingly enough, Biden speaks most passionately and least diplomatically for Greek causes, as does Obama, while Clinton seems to straddle the line of political correctness.

For a dash of entertainment, I also found the following "Macedonian" (please note I use quotes mockingly) reaction to the Biden VP news amusing. Perhaps if "Macedonians" see him as a Greek ally, we are on the right track. More so, something to research about McCain's staff!

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