Monday, January 03, 2011

Please Build a Wall Around Those Proposing Idea

Jokes are often used to lighten a tough situation, but this is a little ridiculous.

It turns out the Greek government is proposing that a wall be built on the Greek-Turkish border to curb the waves of illegal immigration that are adding to the country's problems.

That might be a solution if a large percentage of the country's border was made up of this area. However, one look at a map shows that the most exposed and vulnerable Greek border is made up of the miles and miles of island coastline.

I propose the following:

1) Immediately demote policymakers who proposed this concept as a good idea, give them a map and tell them to spend the extra time studying

2) Use the money to improve the infrastructure so that a process can deal with the problem, not put a brick band-aid on it.

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Ginger said...

Unfortunately nobody wants that problem resolved. You just can't imagine the huge profit of so many state-employees getting bribed from all those poor souls to obtain all kinds of false ID papers. I know the subject from inside. Therefore you should expect to see only "band-aid" solutions. Mainly intended for the eyes of EU.

Happy New Year!!!!


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