Friday, December 01, 2006

MEGA Problems for DISH's Greek Audience

Earlier today, Dish Network announced that Globestar, the distributor of Mega Cosmos, stopped delivering Mega Cosmos to Dish Network for reasons beyond the provider's control. As a result, Dish Network can no longer deliver the channel to its customers and is taking legal action against Globestar.

Dish executives expressed their disappointment and reiterated their commitment to the Greek community noting that Dish network remains the sole provider of Greek-language programming in the United States that includes the latest in Greek sports and music.
This outage means that loyal US-based fans of "Vera sto Deksi" and "Para Pente" are now limited to Internet-available downloads.

Customers should contact Mega Cosmos directly at 1-866-780-5367 during Greek business hours with concerns.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the info regarding Mega but let me tell you, they are so rude and hang up on me when I try to pose a question regarding the channel

Under The Olive Tree said...

It is tremendously unfortunate that a media source we look to was so irresponsible in how they handled important customers. We should remember the impact their (dis)service had in the future.

Anonymous said...

Look at it this way . . DirecTV will have MEGA, Alter Globe, Alpha International and Star Channel on air in the next few months giving Greeks in America a package never before seen. There is also a possiblity of MAD WORLD ( coming to America finally.


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