Thursday, June 17, 2010

Greek Pirates Finally Show Up at 2010 World Cup

Amid all the black clouds over Greece in 2010, at least the "Pirate Ship," the Greek national soccer team so named for their seeming mutiny to win the 2004 European championship, qualified to play on one of the biggest athletic stages - the World Cup. Only problem is that soccer history was not on our side, since the country's only other appearance at the World Cup resulted in no goals and no wins. Until today.

Hours ago that black cloud evaporated with Greece's first-ever World Cup goal and eventual victory against Nigeria (2-1). The win was shaky; a result from a disadvantaged Nigerian team who lost a player due to poor conduct. But a win is a win, and Greece could use a reason to celebrate!

Now, with World Cup hopes still alive, Greece preps for the uphill match against soccer powerhouse Argentina on June 22nd, the same day that Nigeria takes on South Korea to determine which of the
Group B teams will advance.

Yes - the likelihood of victory is not high, but nobody thought we'd get far in 2004 either!

A little reminder of that underdog win to help celebrate and get us excited for Tuesday...

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