Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meet Me in Greece this Summer (Plea to Greek Diaspora)

It feels like a lifetime since 2004. In 2004, as Greeks, we were riding a high. European soccer champions, Eurovision winners and hosts to an amazing Olympics. It was easy to be Greek that year. We raised our flags from all corners of the world and celebrated. In 2010, it's a lot tougher to be Greek, especially for our brothers and sisters in Greece.

Living under an economic black cloud, the average Greek citizen is disgusted with the government that got us here. This anger spills out; it's misinterpreted as instability. Tourists wonder whether Greece in 2010 is a good idea.

Let's choose to support Greece when she needs us most and raise those same flags we cheered with in 2004 to cheer on the future in 2010.

If you are still not sure about summer plans, consider that a weaker Euro makes those other currencies go further in Greece than they have in recent years.

Take a week or a few and explore the countryside or islands you have not yet seen or spend time with relatives you've missed. Discover the Greek wine country or consider begging one of many fisherman on the islands to take you along fishing one night.

Do something to relax and simultaneously do something that helps Greece breath a little easier, one Euro at a time.

After all, we are Greeks through good times and bad. Truth is, we need to be Greeks now more than ever. Let's meet in Greece this summer!

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