Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Doing the Dance of Joy!

I have to admit that I am doing the dance of joy under the olive tree this morning!

Why dance the steps made famous by
Balky Bartakomos in the 80s sitcom "Perfect Strangers" you might ask?

Well... the fair editors of
Daily Frappe
gave a nod to the good ole' olive tree this morning in acknowledging a shared story.

Efxaristoume paidia!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I followed the link from Daily Frappe and just wanted to say how much I like your blog. Sinharitiria! Do you have an 'about me' page? Just interested to know more about the brains behind "Under the [Greek] Olive Tree".


Under The Olive Tree said...

Hi Athanacia!

Thank you for your wonderful compliment! I am thrilled that you enjoyed the page and hope you continue to visit. =)

While I have enjoyed the anonymity of the olive tree, I will soon be adding an "about me" section so that (without letting all the info out) you'll have some more info on me.

Sou efxomai t'oti kalitero kai kalo kalokairi!


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