Saturday, June 23, 2007

Next Greek Generation Discussion on June 24th

A million thank you's to all of you who have rallied behind my upcoming presentation at the 1st annual Greek-American conference in NY by completing the survey online.

While you can continue to provide feedback, the initial survey results will be debuted tomorrow, Sunday, June 24th at the Stathakio Center (29th Street between Ditmars and 23rd Ave.) in Astoria, NY where the organization and communication for the next generation of Greeks will be discussed from 1-5 in the afternoon.

Hope to see you there!


kiki said...

best of luck today

i am a faithful daily frappe reader, which is how i found you - i admire and envy the chicago community and would love to be part of something like that out here!! will stay in touch.

:) kiki

Under The Olive Tree said...

Kalimera Kiki and thank you for your well wishes!

Our communities are something to be very proud of and interestingly they often exist in the least likely places.

Please feel free to contact me directly at to see if we can identify opportunities in your area.

Filia from NY!

Anonymous said...

Got Pope, Need No Bart Flushing NY

The Holy Father gone to Turkey to redeem and consecrate the Greeks,
so don't need no more soviet temples. Don't need no gyro blimpie Bart
when got a regular Pope without the diner attitude. My pop kept
hitting momma with a skillet on the head. Friends ended up in the
hospital after their pop beat them. Pops got drunk and ruined my
first car. Killed two cats and a dog, thrown out the window.
Neighbor drowned the canaries in ouzo, lit, ate them. Ma overdid
whip so she could give less pie. All our stuff came pilfered, with
logos. Greeks overcook all meat so no one knows is bad. Another
banned tenants flushing toilet paper. Waiters inpune sanitation
because "dirty is natural and healthy." Priests just answered "behave,
respect, tradition!" Now priest comes "no intercommunion!" Where was
he when we needed him to protect us from our crazy parents? Don't
sell me "educated Greeks" because we know all them Trojan Horse
cheated on the exams. Besides it's just TV repair school. Remember
all those jailed old disco Greeks, tax cheats to "protest" Jerome Ford
stopping the Trojan Horse in Chyprious? We can't get good jobs
because no one trusts Greeks, because of Trojan Horse. They always
faked reading Greek. That's why we borrowed regular Catholic books
instead of read Greek. Sure, we sacrifice to Greek myths three times
a year to please yiayia, and she's nun the wiser when we go to regular
Catholic Mass on Sundays when she bummed from bouzaki dances. Ain't
need no more Bart, just the regular Pope. That's why we all married
regular Catholic when we grew up. So they can trust us.

Under The Olive Tree said...

Now you see I welcome opinions and feel it is an important part of a discussion.

That said, I have to admit that I had to go into a kind of Hemingway reading style to make any sense of that last comment. So to add to the money jar, here are my two cents on your two cents:

- Prefer Catholicism to Orthodoxy...well file, me gia sou me xara sou. Truth is that they're not that different from a perspective on "faith". As a Greek, the difference might be that one kinda carried us through to modernity... as much as it could by way of Byzantium. But when it comes to your soul, they both cover you with a relatively similar insurance policy.

Now for your issues with Greeks and domestic problems at home. No, my friend, nobody's perfect, but honey you must have really had it hard to have all this pent up... who knows... a Greek version of Eminem? ;) Good luck and let us know if you're going to decide to claim Greek for the PR. But if you are going to claim to have the 411 on educated Greeks... please represent appropriately and note the Ford you speak of ... not Jerome, think his name was Gerald.

Joking aside, if you are that disturbed by the instances you've seen, it's a good thing you got away.

Now as far as cooking style of meats, honey, I hope you didn't marry Irish... from my experience they love well done as much as do.

Hugs to the disgruntled in Flushing. =)

Anonymous said...

I too am a Daily Frappe reader and filled out your survey. I am curious to see the results! Will those be available?

Anonymous said...

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